Supplying the Nation's Schools for over 40 years
Supplying the Nation's Schools for over 40 years
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Welcome to ESP Publishers

For over 40 years we have supplied the nation’s schools and home school families with the quality teaching materials needed to help each individual reach his or her full potential in the classroom and beyond. Our full curriculum, basic skills series of learning aids is now available online in all grade levels and all subject areas (pre-K to Adult remedial).

ESP Publishers is the originator of the “MY SUPER YEARBOOK” series of lessons, which is used by teachers worldwide and contains in one large printed volume, the very  same sequential subject matter taught in public and private schools.
If your students need extra work in English, Reading, or Mathematics, you may rest assured that our unique series of lesson units will methodically reinforce the basics in an organized manner that will be fun and meet your desired goals.
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